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The Banshee (Preview) The Banshee (Preview)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


YUS! I can't wait mate you have NO idea. There will be reviews a plenty, unless of course I already know what the story is behind it ;P

cheshyre responds:

This is one that was done before you and I started talking. With your imagination though you could probably make it fit into some of the stories we were talking about. I'm glad you like it!!! Thanks!!

TrainMadness TrainMadness

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I pressed 4 D: I'm so sorry :( I meant to hit 5.... Dammit, and on one of my favorites too..... I SHALL BE BACK TOMORROW AND EVERYDAY FOR A WEEK TO ATONE FOR THIS MADNESS. 10/10. I deem this song to be... satisfactory.

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The Pied Piper The Pied Piper

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ahh, this is one of those inspiring ones..... :3

I'm sorry i haven't wrote a review in a while. School and video games became predominant to my NG life :c. BUT I'll try and get those animations up and running after i get some major projects out of the way...
ANYWAYS, review time.
0:00-0:23 - The sun, from a space view (up close so you can see the flames coming off of it) the flames arch out like giant tongues, almost attacking nearby planets..

0:24-0:35 - An arch of flame shoots out and hits the earth, and then just a massive tsunami of flame hits everywhere, decimating the entire earth, leaving it in a dark grey, deserty wasteland, almost madness colors..

0:36-1:00 - *200 years later......* a hand appears slowly out of the gravel of almost dust-like cities. A figure, born of creation and madness, gets up. It's green skin torn, and it's lips ripped off, showing rows of sharp teeth, dried blood, and a broken jaw, permanently and intimidatingly open. It howls... (Madness Zombie, for those who didn't get the hints/descriptions.)

1:01-1:35 - All sorts of these abominations start to pop up, and suddenly the dark grey wasteland starts to turn a dark green from the birds eye view... and you can hear ungodly screams and howls coming from ripped throats and crippled bodies of the undead.....

1:36-2:07 - (transition) a small village, with survivors, slowly building up from scratch, hears the retched screams echo from miles away. They all start to prepare hopelessly from the endless malicious horde.. (transition) A man, surviving alone, hears the screams from a large cliff above the town, and grabs his arsenal of weapons, modern and primitive, and prepares... (transition) The mass is moving.. they can smell the fear...

2:08-2:20 - The sun starts to set, as the blood moon rises...

2:21-2:41 - The undead see the village and start to charge, running on all fours, some running in a strange, unnatural way that makes the villagers shudder... the forces collide with the defensive line, holding them back with there limited ammo and primitive melee weapons...

2:42-2:54 - (transition) dark figures moving in armored vehicles are driving towards the town, not visible in the darkness... (transition) the Loner shows up in town, and starts walking slowly towards the horde, and then puts on a pair of red glasses.... (transition) a figure with red holes instead of eyes can be seen above the town, with a strange light above its head....

2:55-3:16 - The figure, asked his name while passing through villagers, told them to just call him "hank". He jumps over the barricade in a mighty leap, and lands on a zombie, shooting it in the head twice. (transition) a small army of black armored trucks pulls into the town, and loads upon loads of men with suits and sunglasses pour out onto the defensive line, shooting already at the zombies breaking through the barricade, like they were trained to do it their whole lives.

3:17-4:06 - The eyeless figure floats towards the town, a broadsword and a revolver sheathed, making hand movements as zombies seem to be almost pulled apart by an invisible force and smeared into other zombies, causing a bloody mess.... The battle continues and continues, the horde seems to be never ending.....

4:07-4:17 - fades out... even sworn enemies work together to kill a bigger menace, and *zombie bursts through the screen, slashing and hacking at it, the screen turns red.....* MADNESS IS DOMINANT, TEAMWORK SHALL NOT BE TOLERATED. *clown appears and puts on the chicken dance on speakers that appeared randomly* HAPPY MADNESS DAY CHESHYRE!! :D hope you enjoyed your little madness present, as i enjoyed my birthday present (september 28th, madness day is like my early present ^-^) Hope you all have an awesome life, and enjoyed this review as much as i did writing it. Now my creativity is is drained, haha, night.

~John "Sleknirk" Mason

cheshyre responds:

Totally awesome dude!!! I can see it in my head and it is brilliant! Feel free to use any and all my songs in your animations, as you have a wonderful imagination! Thank you so much for this amazing review and I hope you had a fantastic birthday!!!!


ZIG - By My Side Tonight ZIG - By My Side Tonight

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I loved it, all it really needed in my opinion was a big drop :) but other than that it was still good, id consider it to be easy listening :P 10/10 5/5

P.S. your goin on the right path to epic songs :D cant wait to hear 'em

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks. I'm working on the whole "big drop" thing. I'll tell you when I can do it. I hope I can get more epic with each submission :D


Avast Headhunterz' Ass Avast Headhunterz' Ass

Rated 5 / 5 stars

cant stop... listening....

WHY?? DX bin on loop for like 5 fucking dayssssss... but least it puts me in a good mood. haha :P thanls for the mood changer :) helped me through some crap. 10/10 5/5

Demon Dance Demon Dance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Okay... ill write a review, but not timed and epic

like the other one. cause im tired. lol.

Beginning: I felt like demons were dancing around me and whispering things in my ears... telling me to do things... terrible thngs... then... *drop* the deoms attack me and i fight like only Hank could. (HAHA couldnt think of anything else to describe epic and violence mixed together so i used hank)

Middle: music goes back to drumish sound... and the demons are behind me whispering things... suicide... dont fight it... it wont hurt.... *drop* bigger demon comes out of nowhere (MAG demon?) and i suddenly have a katana and im fighting it back.. But the screaming in my ears telling me to end it all, the pain, the struggle, was to great...

End(3:00 to 4:42) the demon stabs me with its claws as im struggling with keeping sane... then.. everything goes dark... and i slowly feel death around my heart... then all i see... is script inside my head.... "NORMALITY RESTORE IN PROGRESS" ....shit.

I got lazy with the end and it deserved a much better review than this, but i loved the song, keep it up chess!! ;D 10/10 5/5, wondering if i even need to tell you what i rate it anymore.. feeling a bit tired. ill review the rest tomorrow :P hope all is well and your having fun making songs :3 and i hope you enjoy my reviews. Night NG.
~John "Sleknirk" Mason

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cheshyre responds:

You have a fantastic imagination and you better start animating these great ideas! Your reviews make me think about the same things when I listen to the songs and then they take on a whole new life of their own. I always look forward to your reviews too!!! Thanks a lot and you don't have to tell me what you rate it anymore, just keep up the awesome reviews!!!!

Something is wrong! Something is wrong!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Something is wrong...

O.O for some strange reason (Dunno if you'll get the reference but why not?) when i play minecraft to this... creepers seem to mass produce. but anyways.. GREAT song. If i had to be insane, this would be all i listen to in my padded cell hahaha
10/10 5/5 :P

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cheshyre responds:

haha! Awesome!!! Thank you!!

It's back (Preview) It's back (Preview)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Full version was awesome

I love that your starting to get variety in your music but you still manage to keep it dark at parts. You should try all different kinds of electronica as well. I'm sure you'd excell but dont do something you dont like. I suppose you could always follow what your fans and frequent reviewers (but mostly buyers >.> <.<) say. But always enjoy your work and what you do :D i envy you for that reason. Least i hope you enjoy making music, cause you do a lot of work. 10/10, 5/5

cheshyre responds:

Thank you so much! Making music is one of the best parts of my life! Great comment!!!

Death To The Bighead! Death To The Bighead!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Beginning scared me lol. Hmmm... Very mysterious... i felt hopeless until the sound started getting more upbeat... then i felt awesome... somehow your amazing music instead of making me feel violent made me... almost sleepy lol. Overall awesome.. Makes it sound like theres hope. As much as i love evil madness and chaos, there's always hope. Then 2:45 came and i got pumped up a little, then all of the sudden i felt like i could do anything. I dont know how you made that scary sound in the backround AND make this song uplifting with all the scary noises as usual. 10/10 5/5 O.o your very multi-talented with the madness that is your genius.

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cheshyre responds:

Ha! It is a little scary at the beginning! I think that music should mimic life in as many ways as possible. It can be happy and hopeful and scary and depressing all at the same time with every other emotion mixed in throughout... Thank you so much for the awesome comments!!!

The Fall of Cheshyre The Fall of Cheshyre

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I know theres a story here.... just let me listen to it a few times and if im lucky you'll tell me if i got it right. :P

... *30 minutes of listening later* ...

0:00-0:10--- I saw a dark empire full of evil and twisted things from a Birdseye view, from all different directions and viewpoints..

0:11-0:28---I could see an army of light outside the gates with all siege equipment needed to conquer the city

0:29-0:0:37---I could see Cheshire the emperor sitting in his twisted chair of chaos looking bored and like he doesn't give a rat's ass who's at his door.

0:38-1:06---An epic battle of epic proportions. Twisted Chaos and darkness vs. light people (Ew, light)

1:07-1:16--- The shining stallion of goody two shoes and his rider of darksbane go throught the chaos like a lawn mower. Poor guys.

1:17-1:35---The light is starting to overcome the madness. slowly taking control of the battlefield... then... slowly... cheshyre starts to get up out of his throne...\

1:36-2:04---Cheshyre snickers then snaps his fingers and.... a computer pops up in front of him. He starts to play music... Evil music of madness and chaos... and the light spawn slowly start to crumble...

2:05-2:14---The light spawn crumble away while the "Hero" is only injured.. the chaos fades away into Cheshyre's Body, and he jumps off of his throne tower overlooking his empire and lands in front of the hero, bent over and sadistic looking. (IN A COOL WAY IM NOT SAYING YOUR CREEPY)

2:15-2:47---They're powers start to slowly make an aura around them... and dark electricy (Black and purple^-^) come off of cheshyre where goody two shoes just gets brighter (big whoop, my lighter can do that)

2:48-2:58---The aura's of power start to glow bigger and they collide somewhat calmly, then strange colored sparks start to come off of Cheshyre's aura and his power begins to slowly fade.. and you can hear painfully offtune notes in the song in the backround as he looses control..

2:59-3:12---Same thing is happening but more sparks and the tunes are more and more painful, the "hero's" ears begin to bleed...

3:13-3:32---Cheshyre's Body collapses as the light overtakes him, and in one last attempt to corrupt, i see a dark arc of madness hit goody two shoes in the chest... and the light turns to corruption as cheshyre starts to fade.... Then you see The chorrupted hero's body disappear and you see him smile and turn upside down... and the music starts to pick up tempo as the teeth turn to fangs and the skin to purple fur with dark stripes... then the head disappears and you hear an eerie laugh.... and then the sky began to slowly turn red as Cheshyre Reborn begins to make music....

so, in short, it was okay. lol. (AMAZING) 10/10, 5/5. if you read this and feel like commenting, please tell me if i got anywhere near your origional thought for this song :D
-Your strange friend (or fanboy, whichever you prefer XD)
~John "Sleknirk" Mason

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cheshyre responds:

DANG!!!! I'm sorry that my response won't be as long as this amazing comment!! I didn't have this story in mind when I made the song but now I can't stop thinking about it when I listen to the song... If you are any good with Flash, please make this!! Thank you so much for the comment!!!!!! I'm speechless!