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Laziness is too tempting.

2011-08-05 02:18:40 by Sleknirk

So.. I didnt really work on my pointless flash for boredom at all really, but its turning out to be longer than i thought too >.< so idk when it'll be finished, so those of you who read my posts (No-one? thought so.) will have to wait probably a week or more for the vid. Sorry, I have no excuse, just bin watching a ton of Minecraft Aether mod videos considering i cant play it on this peice of shit.

So.... Bored..... >.<

2011-08-02 12:49:26 by Sleknirk

So I got Bored of doing my original animation so im going to make a shorter one just for fun to test myself and my skill of animation im at. It'll just be 4 people in a room and 3 vs. 1. Hope you will like it, i should be done by today or early tomorrow :3 this one wont be 5 seconds long or less. I PROMISE.

EDIT: NO I will NOT stop working on my original project. Im still learning flash as a noob (Least i think i am) and the big project will probably start off shitty and get better as it goes.

My first few animations!! :D

2011-07-22 16:29:22 by Sleknirk

I'm gonna be making some... very unique madness combat animations, I've just started a few days ago, and it's gonna take a long while at this rate. I don't consider myself to be a very... good animator at my standards, but I am a perfectionist, so all I can say is i will literally go back and redo the whole thing if 1 thing is flawed, so i hope it's better than i think it's going to be. The story will be based in-- WAIT. Ah can-nae tell ya that. that's spoilers >.< sorry XD, you'll have to wait :P. Hopefully have my first flash up by the end of the summer, even though i have all day and all night to work on them. and also, do you guys think there's weather in the madness world? like rain and snow, ect.

3rd and final account.

2011-07-22 14:52:19 by Sleknirk

This will be my account for everything i do now, my previous aaccounts were jrgamer13, and jrgamer12. i thought i needed a more origional name, and this will be the account i post all my flashes on.